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Welcome to my sound studio. My first CD, Rhythmatism: About Time is available on SoundCloud.

Marin arose on a cold night in Sangenjaya, Tokyo, while thinking and talking about the Marin headlands, several miles of majestic cliffsides that skirt the seashore north of San Francisco. This song I decided to leave as fundamentally rhythmic contrasts of several rhythms that were bouncing around my head. Composed for John, the Japanese interpreter extraordinaire.

Quadralog was an experiment in counterpoint with four voices. I have the different instruments toss each other themes to riff on and hand back to the initiating player. Composed for Julie, the philosopher, who first encouraged me to put beat to melody in 2002.

Swordsman was composed for my brother, Chandler, a collector and connoisseur of knives. This song experiments with contrasts between light and heavy sound samples with effects introducing rhythmic elements within the phrase. I attempted to capture his depth and optimism with the instrument voices.

Mantra is dedicated to my father, a great fan of minimalist music. I ratcheted back the complexity in honor of his preferences, basing the underlying chord structure on the four notes of the Indian tampura that accompanies much of Hindustani classical music. Each of four instruments have an exposition on their own, then comment on the bell-theme. Finally all instruments join in the conclusion taking several notes of the overlying melody and exit the song on the note they started with.

Beckon was composed for my mother. The effect I was seeking to create was a sense of time lagging and surging between the rhythm and melody, reflecting the sentiments of hope/yearning contrasted with heaviness/hesitance. Conclusion of the song resolves with the clear omniscient horns, boldly asserting certainty contrasting to the contemplative guitar intro.

Potter is a piano duet overlapping rhythmic patterns in contrast/syncopation. This song brought to you by many hours of coffee sipping at the Shibuya, Tokyo Starbucks. Composed for Lisa, the potter whose spirit I attempted to emulate in this song.

Resolution, the conclusion of my CD, uses bells and Kalimba with rhythmic taps used to give the sense of shifting over in each four beat segment of a 16 beat phrase.

While in Tokyo, I have started collaborating with the dub-jazz group
Antennasia.  The new CD "Phased" can be obtained at the following URL:

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