The Miyamoto Taiko Muesum Movie!
In my years of wandering the earth in search of fantastic folk drums of the world, one of my happiest days was the day I strolled upon the drum museum managed by the Miyamoto in the Asakusa region of Tokyo.

Miyamoto makes traveling shrines and taiko drums for the Empirial court in Japan. Go up a small elevator to the second floor and you're able to see over 1000 drums from all regions of the globe. An odd aspect of this museum is that they believe it is important for the visitors to be able to touch the drums! Who'dathought? Ask the host for the right set of mallets (or clubs) for the appropriate drums and you can tap (on the steeldrums) or pound (on the taiko) to your heart's delight.

Some of the most amazing finds in this museum is the radial slat tuned Chinese drums and a massive set of wedding drums from Africa (well endowed to boot!). This is a must see for anyone who can visit Tokyo. And you don't have to be as much of a drum geek as me to enjoy it.

Video instructions on getting to Miyamoto Museum

Address: Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten Nishi-Asakusa Store 4F, 2-1-1 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku