Christopher the Rhythmatist
My fascination with drumming began with my study of Japanese taiko in 1992 while living in Fukui prefecture, Japan. I studied with the group Kasumi Taiko in the town of Maruoka for two years. After my introduction to percussion, I began to collect drums and instruments from around the world including Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Morocco, US, Brazil.
In 2001 I opened as a virtual museum for folk drums of the world through Yahoo! Web Hosting. Since then hundreds of people have contacted me to identify drums, find new drums or sell their own drums.

While living in Tokyo, I had the opportunity to study Korean Poongmul with
Uri Param and Senegalese Sabar drumming with Wagane N'Diaye Rose.

Having composed a large collection of rhythms over the past five years, I am now programming and recording these rhythms into songs.

While in Tokyo, I have started collaborating with the dub-jazz group
Antennasia. Their new CD "Phased" can be obtained at the following URL:

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